Add-On Domain Problem on CPANEL

I think Add-On has become a long time non-fixed bug on CPANEL. Sometimes it’s just disappeared from CPANEL. Or sometimes it behave with various symptoms :

  • When user adding add-on domain and delete it and then re-adding it again, it will show error
  • Or if the domain to be added was a single user account on the same server (even after being terminated) it cant be added
  • Add-on just disappear after CPANEL update

Solution :

Look at this files or directory and cleanup or fix :

  • File /var/cpanel/users
  • Directory /etc/valiases
  •  Directory /etc/vdomainaliases
  • Directory /etc/vfilters
  • File /etc/named.conf
  • Directory /var/named
  • File /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

After cleaning up or do some fix, please restart Cpanel, named, and httpd server.  And vice versa .. !


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