Business Process Re-Engineering

Since about 2 days ago, we’re moving few hundreds (:p) of users account from server x to new server. I ask billing guys to accompany us moving those users account. How surpised I am to know that there are so many accounts that actually should be terminated very long time ago.

Well .. I think business process re-engineering is urgently needed. There are so many reason why :

  1. We never expect business growing very very fast
  2. Our people have only few fixed standard operating procedure on handling their jobs. And now their work is busier and busier – really need a process re-engineering
  3. One of our VP that handles half of the operational never use our ticket system
  4. Ticket system only works for technical backroom guys, not for administration or finance people
  5. Internal mailing system never works
  6. We miss some tasks

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