7 Reason of Why I Use WordPress.com

These are the main reason even if I have my own hosting servers :

  1. WordPress.com is free and keep up2date
  2. No need for Agung’s help to install something on this blog
  3. I dont want to carry hosting business for my personal need (naive … eh?)
  4. No need to do deletion if I get bored with this blog someday
  5. No server migration needed if server is in trouble. WordPress people would gladly do it for me for free
  6. No software needed (no FTP, no SSH, no CPANEL stuff, nothing! Just a browser)
  7. No domain needed, meaning I can reduce my annual personal expenses (LOL)

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4 Responses to 7 Reason of Why I Use WordPress.com

  1. rendy says:

    yoi, kemaren nyaris pingsan, gaji bulanan cuman dikasih 10 ribu, alasan = dipotong biaya hosting + renewal domain 😦

  2. piyecarane says:

    Lumayan bos, rokok sebungkus masih ada kembalian 2500 perak 🙂

  3. ndoro kakung says:

    wah, kowe jarene wis sugih yo, sup? kapan ngajak aku mangan-mangan … 😀

  4. piyecarane says:

    Dianggep sugih niku rak sami mawon di donga’aken. Nggih kulo amini-i mawon :p

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