Sopo to Iki

I my me mine :

  • Single handed snooker player with cylindric glasses
  • Married to a lovely wife
  • Own a hosting company
  • Canon 30D user
  • 24 x 7 network administrator at one of the biggest ISP in Jogja
  • A member of since 2002 (since they were Indoguides)
  • FreeBSD maniac user, Windows XP daily user, and Symbian timely user

3 Responses to Sopo to Iki

  1. ndoro kakung says:

    mesti cah ugm 😛

  2. piyecarane says:

    Klentu ndoro, bekas cah ISI, pernah jadi cah UKSW, pernah juga jadi cah UII. Jamak, plural, dan komplit.

    Tuwuk kuliah dah!

  3. Nexus6 says:

    Have a nice day
    If You again work in managing hosting facilities, please contact me for a collaboration

    Best Regards

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