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Install Flashcache on CloudLinux and Centos

Major issue on a hosting server which serve hundreds of website is remain the same: I/O bottleneck. My curiosity began when I received a newsletter from a VPS provider in US, they said they have added SSD as filesystem cache … Continue reading

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Change TimeZone on Centos Linux

It’s quite easy to change time zone on centos / linux os : cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Jakarta /etc/localtime Change Asia/Jakarta into your location. After copying, you can run : ntpdate pool.ntp.org to synchornize your server time with the closest public NTP server.

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Disable CoreDump on Apache with suPHP

The idea of limiting user’s vhost resource usage on Apache brings me to give the suPHP a try. suPHP makes PHP process owned by the owner it self, not “nobody” or apache user, enabling us to limit resource per vhost. … Continue reading

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Install Munin & RRDTool on cPanel Centos5

Installing Munin on a latest Centos 5 via WHM (cPanel) can be very painful (takes a long night googling for me.. lol). On my server (CENTOS Enterprise 5.2 x86_64) – under “Manage Plugin” menu on WHM, it shows : Can’t … Continue reading

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Installing Fantastico on Centos5.1

Ok, first of all .. this article originaly posted on netenberg.com, but for me it will be much more easier if I write it my own on my blog. Centos 5.1 comes with wget version that is not compatible with … Continue reading

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Centos 5 on Intel P35 based ASUS Motherboard

Few months ago I decide to buy a new computer for our hosting services that planned to be colocated at Jakarta (directly connected with IIX – Indonesian Internet eXchange). The specs was great (Q6600 – Intel QuadCore, with 4Gb of … Continue reading

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