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Monitoring Physical Disk with SMART under LSI 2108

This is a very short post. You may find it useful or consider it as piece of crap post, it depends on how you interpret it. I post this for my personal note. So please don’t complain .. lol. Basically … Continue reading

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Using dstat to Find per Process IO Consumption

As simple as : dstat -d –top-io –top-bio Dstat can be installed through yum. That’s all 🙂

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How to Identify MySQL Slow Query

Long query on mysql often fill up your server’s CPU and RAM with a bunch of load. It can be happened because un-optimized query, dirty table, very large row, etc. You can enable slow query log on your mysql server … Continue reading

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How to Use Screen on Linux

I’m not going to write what screen is about in this article. I just want to make a personal note for myself about this linux utility. Starting screen : #screen Create a screen session : Ctrl-a-c Move to next screen … Continue reading

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Change TimeZone on Centos Linux

It’s quite easy to change time zone on centos / linux os : cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Jakarta /etc/localtime Change Asia/Jakarta into your location. After copying, you can run : ntpdate pool.ntp.org to synchornize your server time with the closest public NTP server.

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Disable CoreDump on Apache with suPHP

The idea of limiting user’s vhost resource usage on Apache brings me to give the suPHP a try. suPHP makes PHP process owned by the owner it self, not “nobody” or apache user, enabling us to limit resource per vhost. … Continue reading

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cPanelProxy No Longer Needed?

Recently I installed a new server with the latest cPanel release (cPanel 11.23.3-R25623) on Centos 5 64bit version. I notice that under “Tweak Setting” menu on WHM, there are new features that interesting : Add proxy VirtualHost to httpd.conf to … Continue reading

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