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Parallels Cloud Storage Cheat Sheet

Scanning Dirty Container Filesystem for vps in `vzlist -aHo ctid`; do find /vz/private/$vps/root.hdd/. -type f -name “*{*”; done Merging Dirty Container Filesystem prl_disk_tool merge –hdd /vz/private/3967014/root.hdd To be continued 🙂 Advertisements

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Monitoring Physical Disk with SMART under LSI 2108

This is a very short post. You may find it useful or consider it as piece of crap post, it depends on how you interpret it. I post this for my personal note. So please don’t complain .. lol. Basically … Continue reading

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Using dstat to Find per Process IO Consumption

As simple as : dstat -d –top-io –top-bio Dstat can be installed through yum. That’s all 🙂

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Your Server Got Hacked? Get Linux Process Detail Information

Once you server compromised, hacker usually put some backdoor on your server and it might be a tricky process on how to find it. Standard “netstat -anlp” let you see if there’s any unusual listening port on your server. It … Continue reading

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Disable Crontab Mail Report

Crontab generated mail report can be such pain 😦 It will be generated on each scheduled cron time. Server filesystem performance will suffer from it. This is how to disable crontab mail report : Add “>/dev/null 2>&1” or “&> /dev/null” … Continue reading

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Install Flashcache on CloudLinux and Centos

Major issue on a hosting server which serve hundreds of website is remain the same: I/O bottleneck. My curiosity began when I received a newsletter from a VPS provider in US, they said they have added SSD as filesystem cache … Continue reading

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Install Munin Node on Virtuozzo Hardware Node

Default Virtuozzo monitoring is not detailed enough. I consider monitor all aspect of servers including CPU, IO, RAM, and many other aspects via Munin. Here’s how to Install Munin on a Virtuozzo Hardware Node : Install EPEL Repo first : … Continue reading

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