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Your Server Got Hacked? Get Linux Process Detail Information

Once you server compromised, hacker usually put some backdoor on your server and it might be a tricky process on how to find it. Standard “netstat -anlp” let you see if there’s any unusual listening port on your server. It … Continue reading

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Install Munin on cPanel

I always have problem when installing cPanel’s Munin through WHM. Solution is quite simple. Just run : /scripts/checkperlmodules –force then try re-install it through WHM.

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Change TimeZone on Centos Linux

It’s quite easy to change time zone on centos / linux os : cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Jakarta /etc/localtime Change Asia/Jakarta into your location. After copying, you can run : ntpdate to synchornize your server time with the closest public NTP server.

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Analyzing Core Dump File

Yeah, I know core dump files may eat up user’s space quickly. But it is definitely a sign that something wrong with their scripts. So, keeping coredump files is sometimes useful so that we can analyze it properly. Here’s how … Continue reading

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Fixing File and Folder Permission on suPHP

Just for my own note 🙂 After installing suPHP on server, execute : find /home/*/public_html -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; This command fix all folder permission find /home/*/public_html -name ‘*.php’ -o -name ‘*.php[345]’ -o -name ‘*.phtml’| xargs chmod … Continue reading

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Joomla Logged Out when Uploading Image

I got a strange behaviour with Joomla after I apply suhosin and suphp on my cPanel hosting server. When I upload image through Media Manager, suddenly Joomla logged out. On error_log I see that it has something crashed with flash. … Continue reading

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Disable CoreDump on Apache with suPHP

The idea of limiting user’s vhost resource usage on Apache brings me to give the suPHP a try. suPHP makes PHP process owned by the owner it self, not “nobody” or apache user, enabling us to limit resource per vhost. … Continue reading

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